Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recommended DSLR's to shoot video

First you have the Lumix GH1 priced a little over $1,300 dollars. Its got 12.1 MP, shoots 1080/720p video. You can shoot 24/25p [frame rate] but the sensor is a micro 4/3 sensors.

Second, you have the Olympus Pen priced a little over $700 dollars, which also shoots at 12 MP, only is capable of shooting 720p video and video is shot at 30p [fps] and the sensor is a micro 4/3.

Third, we have the Nikon D90 priced at just under $1,000 dollars. This camera has shoots at 12.9 MP, 720p video, 24[fps] and has a DX sensor. Seems like everything you need to hit the ground.

and lastly you have the Canon 5d Mark II priced at $2,100 dollars with a body kit and lens. Its shoots at a whopping 21MP, 1080p video, 30[fps] and has a full sensor.

Well you may be thinking The gh1is great. its cheap, it shoots all the things I want, full hd, and has 12 megapixels, that must be good. Well we have to dive into the camera. The dh1 has no mirror, meaning it doesn't use a mirror when taking a photo like true slr cameras. The sensor is a smaller lens. Its the same case

The D90's dx sensor is a classic Nikon sensor but will not shoot full frame. Giving you quality, exposure and room to mess with the shutter speed etc and I dont mean to be biased when I say the best camera here is the Canon 5d mark II. It has a full sensor, shoots full frame and that allows you to tweak to the look you want and it gives you slack in the exposure/shutter speed 'department.'

Share your dslr work

Lets see what you have been able to do with your dslr cameras with video.

Do you use ND Filters? what CF cards do you record on? what rigs do you use with your camera?