Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recommended DSLR's to shoot video

First you have the Lumix GH1 priced a little over $1,300 dollars. Its got 12.1 MP, shoots 1080/720p video. You can shoot 24/25p [frame rate] but the sensor is a micro 4/3 sensors.

Second, you have the Olympus Pen priced a little over $700 dollars, which also shoots at 12 MP, only is capable of shooting 720p video and video is shot at 30p [fps] and the sensor is a micro 4/3.

Third, we have the Nikon D90 priced at just under $1,000 dollars. This camera has shoots at 12.9 MP, 720p video, 24[fps] and has a DX sensor. Seems like everything you need to hit the ground.

and lastly you have the Canon 5d Mark II priced at $2,100 dollars with a body kit and lens. Its shoots at a whopping 21MP, 1080p video, 30[fps] and has a full sensor.

Well you may be thinking The gh1is great. its cheap, it shoots all the things I want, full hd, and has 12 megapixels, that must be good. Well we have to dive into the camera. The dh1 has no mirror, meaning it doesn't use a mirror when taking a photo like true slr cameras. The sensor is a smaller lens. Its the same case

The D90's dx sensor is a classic Nikon sensor but will not shoot full frame. Giving you quality, exposure and room to mess with the shutter speed etc and I dont mean to be biased when I say the best camera here is the Canon 5d mark II. It has a full sensor, shoots full frame and that allows you to tweak to the look you want and it gives you slack in the exposure/shutter speed 'department.'


  1. Ugh, I've always wanted a DSLR but they're so damn expensive. I'll stick to my phone for now and save my pennies lol

  2. Yeah, cameras are always hella expensive, but a good camera is worth it.